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5 June 2015
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8 July 2015

Training your muscles takes time. At first, training sessions will exhaust you.

Smile, knowing that there are products to help you meet your goals quickly and maintain the muscle you gain.
With the proteins made by Muscletech, surpass your goals, exceed your expectations and admire the result.


Muscletech, a giant in the world of dietary supplements

Some already know it, others partially know it and some not at all. This is the leading company in the United States for dietary supplements used in bodybuilding, powerlifting and other sports. Muscletech is THE specialist in dietary supplements and is one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. Its laboratory is renowned for being at the forefront of scientific research in sports nutrition. 

Muscletech has several ranges of proteins to meet your needs for shaping your body.

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The proteins in the Muscletech Platinum Whey line are particularly interesting. American football players Arthur Jones and Chandler Jones, bodybuilder Santi Aragon and, for the ladies, professional model and fitness icon Jenna Renee Webb all share one thing in common. They have dream bodies and are big names in their respective fields. Do a quick internet search and admire their figures if you need convincing.

But aside from this, they are all champions who chose Muscletech Platinum Whey proteins. These celebrities are known ambassadors of our favorite product.

Muscletech Platinum Whey proteins

One thing to know about this protein is that it is ultra-pure. Muscletech Platinum Whey is very rich in natural protein. Instead of giving you a long speech about its composition and ingredients, let’s skip directly to what it provides and its many advantages:

Muscletech Platinum Whey increases your muscle mass and strength

It’s a high-quality whey protein powder, designed for those who want to follow and maintain a diet rich in proteins in order to build strength and muscle.

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Improve your performance with Muscletech Platinum Whey proteins

Muscletech products meet the needs of the most active gym-goers and they are much more than simple multivitamins. The whole range of  Muscletech Platinum Whey products contain nutrients for gaining muscle and producing energy. Your boosted energy levels will help maximize your lifts and your endurance will only multiply.


100% of proteins to nourish your muscles

Muscletech Platinum Whey is 100% casein. It contains exceptionally high levels of amino acids (BCAA), glutamine (a powerful anti-catabolic amino acid) and essential amino acids (amino acids that your body needs).

But remember that it’s a useful dietary supplement and cannot replace your basic diet. It is also strongly recommended that you spread it out over your main meals throughout the day.


Muscletech Platinum Whey is a very popular and practical product

It also mixes easily. This protein comes in the form of powder and mixes perfectly with the liquid of your choice (fresh water or skim milk). All you have to do is mix your dosage in a liquid and shake vigorously. You get a shaker in the protein container to help your preparation. 


The most delicious protein supplements!

Muscletech Platinum Whey proteins are available in several appealing flavors. Their engineers asked consumers for their opinions on the best-tasting proteins, and made some major changes after this study. Unlike other products that taste bland and leave an unpleasant aftertaste, you will be surprised at the available flavors: chocolate, vanilla and banana. Until then these were the classic flavors, but the team has created even more variety: try cookie or strawberry. 

Muscletech Platinum Whey unites utility and enjoyment with these new flavors. The combination of the proteins’ effectiveness, practicality and customer satisfaction makes this our favorite line of products.

Muscletech Platinum Whey proteins, an exceptional product line

Muscletech emphasizes the importance of its available product flavors.

What’s more tempting? Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, cookies and cream, milk chocolate supreme, strawberries and cream or vanilla cake?

They remind you of delicious ice cream flavors, but these products will help you sculpt your body and define your muscles. 

Muscletech Platinum Whey is the Taste Champion

tastechamp_ribbonThis ingenuity and diversity of flavors qualified the Muscletech Platinum Whey line to win an award. In bodybuilding in the USA, the best dietary supplements are rewarded with great fanfare.

No red carpet like you’re used to, but prestigious titles are given to the most popular and innovative products. Votes are cast online for the brand of the year and the best protein of the year for each category: pre-training, post-training, protein bar, and many more.

Muscletech Platinum Whey conquered its competitors and established its territory by earning “Award Winning Taste“. You can trust a product that has been singled out for its award-winning quality.

The recommended protein, Muscletech Platinum Whey

The days of forcing yourself to take dietary supplements are over. Muscletech Platinum Whey is delicious, but beyond that, its pure, natural composition will allow you to gain muscle and sustain your body without undesirable side effects.

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