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28 February 2015
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Winstrol Stanozolol: effects and result

Winstrol has 3 positive effects: dry mass gain, cutting and weight loss.

If it is consumed only, the Win is not the most appropriate product for muscle mass growth. However, it promotes strength and the production of red blood cells, which makes it interesting for sports called “aerobics”.

In bodybuilding, the Stanogen delivers very good results and is generally used to maintain the mass, although the increase is not exceptional compared to other products. Winstrol (Stanogen) is particularly appreciated by bodybuilders during preparation for a competition, but also in a phase of mass gain, since it does not cause any water retention, it helps to burn fat and in terms of muscle gain.

Reaching your goal – whether it’s weight loss, cutting or a quality gain – will depend on how you use Winstrol, what steroids are combined with it and what food supplements to complete it, without neglecting the way you train. Winstrol is a very effective steroid when used correctly.


Details of the effects


During a gain of muscle mass, the body gets into a state that makes it gain weight to gain muscle and, therefore, to increase muscle volume.

The body rarely gains muscles. Otherwise, it would be too effective and too easy.

This mass gain will be accompanied by a more or less important proportion of fat. The level of fats will depend on the training and the type of contributed calories. In a steroid cycle, part of this mass also depends on the water retention that some products cause too.

Winstrol offers the advantage of not generating this water retention.

The mass gains with Stanogen are nothing exceptional, but very good quality ones. Combining it with a product like Parabolan, which also has the advantage of not generating water retention while ensuring incredible muscle growth, you will get a dense and tough muscle. And, above all things, quickly.

Its consumption along with Dianabol is interesting as well. Although Diana generates water retention, the same will be limited through Anagen (Arimidex from Myogen Labs) that will be included in its support cure.



The cutting is a regime that aims to lose as much fat as possible but maintaining the maximum possible muscle mass. This is often a phase that come after a large gain of mass to shape your body again. The purpose of the cutting, therefore, is to attack excess fat and water retention, if any, so that it will have this hardening effect on your body.

Your goal is to lose fat without losing muscle. Your training and your nutrition are essential; steroids and dietary supplements used as “fat burners” will be key allies.

Stanogen has this advantage of being an excellent fat burner, and if it is combined with products like PRIMOGEN, CLENBUGEN or even T3-GEN  , you will see very good results at the end of the day.


To avoid losing too much muscle volume: combine Winstrol with testosterone during your cycle (minimum dose).


Winstrol also offers the possibility of being used as part of a diet to lose weight. The basis of the steroid cycle, as well as the principle, are more or less the same as for the cutting ones. The mode of action of the fat burner is still relevant and will be used with a few differences in the doses with the same cycle as for a cutting.

Where there will be a noticeable difference is in the level of your training and your feeding. You will need to limit lipids as much as possible and reduce your intake of carbohydrates.

Focus your training exclusively on the cardiological aspect to burn a maximum of calories. You should also check your diet and combine everything with the appropriate food supplements.

Winstrol, by itself, does not offer fast or exceptional weight gains – although they are quality gains -, but has a strong associative power. On the other hand, with this product you will obtain a solid musculature and a great increase in your strength, in addition to the maximum advantage and the conservation of the obtained gains once the cycle is over.

Given its almost null side effects for the consumer, Winstrol is a very good product for a first approach to steroids.

Even when taken orally, Winstrol is a moderate and low androgenic anabolic steroid. It is for this reason that it is always compensated with other steroids.

The speed of the effects will depend on their combinations.

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