Before and After: Winstrol Treatment Review from Clara – Madison – Wisconsin

Cycles with Winstrol
14 February 2015
Positive effects of Winstrol
6 March 2015

“Clara, 37, Madison,


Clara decided to take life into her own hands. She tried Winstrol and a few months later, she was amazed to find that she’d lost 75 pounds! Today she is totally comfortable in her own skin. After her mental and physical triumphs, she shares her story here.

My entire family has always been very overweight and I’ve always loved to eat, and ever since adolescence I just couldn’t lose weight. I was always rounder than the other girls, who looked down on me. Then there was my pregnancy. While carrying my first daughter I gained 55 pounds. I couldn’t look at myself, I couldn’t stand myself. But I refused to let go because on the inside, I knew that I could be healthy.

I’d heard of Winstrol from friends in Chicago who were passionate about fitness and I’d already seen very convincing results. I gathered my courage and embarked on an adventure.

How did I manage my treatment?

I started running again in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter, but I couldn’t do it all alone. I needed psychological support. I got an athletic trainer and I took dietary supplements  to increase the treatment’s effects. I saw my stomach flatten very quickly and the pounds melted away. The secret of success is discipline and perseverance.

Before my treatment, I wouldn’t leave the house. But after, I could sign up for female fitness competitions! The Winstrol treatment was a new life for me.

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