Before and after and comments on the Winstrol steroid cycle: Yann and Olivia – Paris

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1 December 2018
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1 December 2018

Our physical transformation is amazing! Thanks, Arnaud , and thanks Stanogen 10!

Getting rid of excess weight is a difficult task. However, to make it, our couple decided to make a radical change in their way of life. After losing about 20 and 10kg, respectively, we are in better shape than ever!

Yann (26 years old) used to weight 20kg more and I, Olivia (28 years old) 10kg more. We had, therefore, much weight to lose and above all things, a good physical condition to win. We decided to adopt the best and most effective methods: follow a healthy diet, to regularly perform physical activity and take Winstrol, a very popular product in the United States, but not well-known in Europe.

Obesity is a major problem in our society. Overweight can cause serious health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer. I speak with full knowledge, since I work as a nurse at the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris.

The idea of getting rid of my extra kilos and seducing my partner again was a goal. As it happens to many people, though, the cure seemed to be worse than the disease. Some people prefer to try shortcuts like weight loss pills or a Winstrol cycle on the advice of a coach, and that’s exactly what we did!

When we started dating, we both gained a lot of weight. We used to go to eat at McDonald’s and order a triple cheese. Sometimes we used to prefer a kebab somewhere around the corner… Then we started ordering food at home. Noticing that we were getting in bad shape, we began to worry about the risks to which our bodies were exposed. I was afraid that Yann would completely lose the desire to have children with me, seeing me as so unsexy.

During the transition to the new year 2017, we decided to lose weight. At the beginning, it was necessary to avoid eating thrash food at all for 30 days, according to Arnaud‘s advice. Then we started the Winstrol cycle.

Both things helped us to get rid of the extra kilos and we are in better shape than ever. Our health could not be better nowadays.

“Our relationship got strengthened and we are very happy!  The fact of being able to do things together has bonded us together”, thanks Winstrol and thanks Arnaud.

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