Before and after and comments on the Winstrol steroid cycle: Stéphanie – Quebec

Before and after and comments on the Winstrol steroid cycle: Yann and Olivia – Paris
1 December 2018
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5 December 2018

I’m not a newbie on the site, but I have not written too many posts on this blog yet.

I would like to share my physical evolution.

In fact, more than 6 months ago I was limp, soft and always tired. After breaking-up a love relationship in a somewhat painful way, I decided to start doing bodybuilding. I started calmly in my room, but results were not what I expected.

Then I got in touch with Arnaud Sylvain, following the advice of a friend. My training was perfecting week after week. I got enrolled, in parallel, at the club gym in my city.

That’s when my body got transformed: I became sexier and more muscular. The muscles shaped up very quickly.

Throughout the year I kept going to the gym, doing bodybuilding and went every weekend to swim a little in the swimming pool.

I became strong and muscular enough to be a woman. Today I have more confidence in myself and it is a pleasure to see how people look at me with envy and, finally, consider me a sexy woman.

If I had to highlight one thing in this whole experience, it is that gaining muscle takes time and there is no secret, Winstrol is ideal and is really effective, unlike everything I had tried before. Then, not to be discouraged and don’t give up. And forget about the demonization of anabolic products. They are an effective and proven ally. Competitors and stars are the proof, and now I am also a proof.

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