Winstrol’s Side Effects and How to Protect Yourself

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7 March 2015
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Although Winstrol does not aromatize, you can still experience side effects while using it in a stack with other products. In most cycles you should use the following protections.

Winstrol’s Side Effects and Protections


Winstrol’s side effects when taken in a stack with other steroids

Although Winstrol does not aromatize, you can still experience side effects while using it in a stack with other products. In most cycles you should use the following protections:

Testicular atrophyHCG Vitagon
Testosterone productionClomid, HCG Vitagon
Liver degradationLegalon 70, Samarin 140


Winstrol’s side effects for men

Winstrol is known for not causing side effects in male users. This is due to the fact that its androgenic effects are weak and it doesn’t aromatize.

Some even claim that it blocks the estrogen formation caused by the other steroids it is combined with. This remains to be proved, so don’t neglect your protections during a stack cycle.


What protections should you use?


  • In my opinion, anti-aromatics like Proviron and Nolvadex are essential during a treatment with other steroids. They will warn you of gynecomastia, sterility and water retention likely caused by other steroids.


  • Recover with Clomid and/or HCG (the HCG that you use during your treatment in case of testicular atrophy).

Going back to Winstrol, it has anti-progestagenic effects. This means that it prevents the formation of progesterone, which is beneficial if you’ve combined it with Nandrolone, for example.


Winstrol’s side effects for women

As for Winstrol usage among women, it has been found that even at very low doses Winstrol has virilizing effects. Virilization is when women’s secondary sexual traits become more masculine (hirsutism, body fat redistribution, missed periods, lower voice, etc.).

Therefore it is advised that if you are a woman with strong symptoms of virilization, stop the treatment.



Since Winstrol lacks powerful side effects, it is the ideal product for a first foray into steroid usage or for users who are more susceptible to hormonal problems like gynecomastia.

The information above is only valid if you respect dosages. No matter the product, an overdose can always cause complications.


Be sure to protect your liver, even with the injectable version of Winstrol.

Whether taken orally or injected, Winstrol is AA17 and therefore hepatotoxic.

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