Steroids & Winstrol in Bodybuilding: Professional Testimonies

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Steroids & Winstrol in Bodybuilding: Professional Testimonies

Bodybuilding and its connection to steroids

Bodybuilding today is associated with taking anabolic steroids. The primary goal of professional bodybuilding is above all to display a unique and powerful physique that is inaccessible to ordinary people.

There isn’t a single bodybuilder who can boast of not using steroids while displaying a more than impressive muscle mass. It’s not magic but well-used anabolic steroids.

In general terms, bodybuilding is the “sport” of constructing a body through weightlifting and which, by adding steroids, lets you change your body beyond its original state through successfully building muscle. You can’t truly say that bodybuilding is a sport even if there are competitions. Especially considering that it couldn’t exist without using anabolic steroids.


Winstrol and steroids in bodybuilding

winstrol bodybuildingWinstrol is one of the most well-liked steroids in bodybuilding for bodybuilders who want a slimmer, denser physique. It’s especially used for pure muscle gains without water retention because it does not cause aromatization. Many beginner and professional testimonies come to the same conclusions. It is clear that Winstrol is used much more by professionals during competition cycles. It is often injected at a higher dose from halfway through the cycle until a few days before the competition, in order to remove all fat from your body and appear completely hardened. Sometimes professional bodybuilders combine it with trenbolone and masteron, which are two other  steroids that optimize the effect of an extremely lean, hardened body. The daily dose is 50 mg for 6 to 8 weeks, but professionals go up to 100 mg per day for the last 10-15 days to be really hardened before returning to the stage.

However it is discouraged – and this is the opinion of all professional bodybuilders – to do more than eight weeks of injections because of the toxic effects on your liver.


Bodybuilders with impressive bodies thanks to steroids

bodybuildingThough bodybuilding is an international sport, it remains largely unknown by the general public. Though it carries a flagrant and unforgettable reputation due to steroids, it would still be much more honest not to hide, and to consider that over the past 50 years, most sports have had scandals involving anabolic steroids. As the bar is set higher and higher each year, it would be foolish not to realize the usefulness of steroids for muscle and strength performance. Bodybuilding seems a little extreme for displaying bodies with abnormal muscle mass. It’s distinction is to show the extreme muscular potential of the human body for all to see.

Bodybuilding professionals are known for injecting steroid doses intelligently in order to push their musculatures beyond the limits of imagination.


Winstrol remains one of the most powerful steroids for bodybuilders. It has interesting proprerties for those who want a very dry, hardened body. The most experienced professionals place Winstrol in the top tier of preferred anabolic steroids for winning bodybuilding competitions. And you, bodybuilder or not, have you already gotten hold of Winstrol? Come and share your results and thoughts in the comment section below!

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