Before and After: Winstrol Review from David – Kansas City – Kansas

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7 November 2013
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29 August 2014

Daniel turned his fat into muscle in only a few weeks


Fed up with his unsatisfying reflection in the mirror, Daniel (Kansas City, KS) decided to take matters into his own hands. With a better lifestyle and a Winstrol treatment, he quickly achieved his goals.

Every summer I got anxious about my body, especially about wearing less clothing or going to the pool with friends…I wanted a bodybuilder physique like Schwarzy, but I was far from that. One day, I read something about Winstrol, and it changed my life!

apres-winstrol-daniel-lyon-fond-blancI recognized my desire to change, so it was the perfect time for me to harness that energy. I was highly motivated: I started working out regularly, planning targeted weight exercises. I also modified my eating habits, stopped drinking alcohol and started a diet. But honestly, what helped the most was the Winstrol treatment, showed results very quickly.

After only a few weeks of weight training coupled with steroids, I gained muscle and lost fat.


And today?

Today, my transformation is impressive. Goodbye anxiety, I feel good in my own skin with a body that matches my inner self. I’ve definitely developed good habits in my daily life.


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