Before and After: Winstrol Review from Michael – Corpus Christi – Texas

Before and After: Winstrol Review from David – Kansas City – Kansas
29 November 2013
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4 November 2014

“Incredibly quickly

I turned my fat into muscle

These are the words of Michael (Marseille, France) who successfully lost 250 pounds with a Winstrol treatment, and who shares his testimony here.

“I went from obese to slim and muscular. For the first time I felt like women looked at me differently.”


Combining steroids with supplements, a Winstrol treatment can transform fat into muscle mass by avoiding water retention and eliminating fat. All the same, I consulted my doctor to be sure that this treatment was not harmful, and he said go ahead because the product has no side effects. My family’s opinion was mixed, but I had to try: this treatment was my last hope. Before, I barely left home because I was so ashamed of my body; afterwards, I discovered a passion for jet skiing because I could finally go to the beach and go out in my swim suit.

It didn’t happen overnight of course: I was helped by some hunger-suppressants and I exercised. I started by joining a gym in Corpus Christi because at the beginning it was worth it to get a professional trainer. I had to do a lot of cardio to lose fat quickly. I saw my weight drop every week on the scale. It was a great feeling each time. Before the  Winstrol treatment my life was just survival, but ever since I have been living life to the fullest.



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